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Published: 2010

Energy body calls for cooperation

A peak body in the renewable energy industry has called for cooperation between the major political parties to accelerate development of clean energy technologies, after the Opposition claimed the low value of renewable energy certificates (RECs) is stalling clean energy investment and jobs in Australia.

Growth and affordability of clean energy technologies is crucial to address climate change.
Growth and affordability of clean energy technologies is crucial to address climate change.
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‘The low price of renewable energy certificates has stalled multi-million dollar investment in clean energy projects like wind farms, landfill gas and bioenergy, but household technologies are affected by this issue as well,’ said Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Matthew Warren.

‘Small household-scale clean energy technologies such as solar panels and solar hot water are also at the front end of action on climate change in Australia. Their continued growth and affordability is a crucial part of a successful climate change strategy.

‘Over the past decade there have been a range of well-intentioned policy measures by all levels of government to develop and deploy specific technologies. Some of these have exceeded expectations, and unintentionally distorted the operation of market systems like the renewable energy target.’

Warren called on all major parties to continue to work together this year to deliver the reforms needed.‘What the clean energy industry needs the most is stability for investors. We need clear and effective policy settings so business and households can get on with the job of delivering effective greenhouse gas reduction at the lowest possible cost,’ he said.

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