Encouraging car use is bad for environment and health: OECD

Published 20-Oct-2014
Advanced economies are pushing up carbon emissions, traffic congestion and air pollution by under-taxing company cars and diesel fuel, according to new OECD research.

Don’t put all eggs in one basket: advice for bilby conservation

Published 20-Oct-2014
Australia's shy Easter bunny alternative, the endangered bilby, will have a far better chance of surviving deadly predation by feral cats and foxes if they are kept in several protected areas instead of a single large area, scientists say.

International technology innovator to lead CSIRO

Published 20-Oct-2014
The Chairman of the CSIRO Board, Simon McKeon, recently announced the appointment of Dr Larry Marshall as the organisation's Chief Executive from January 2015.

Sounds of distant thunder? Following the flight of a desert nomad

Published 20-Oct-2014
Scientists have gained new insights into the life of a nomadic Australian waterbird, whose ability to know it has rained up to thousands of kilometres away has intrigued researchers for generations.

Australian plan looks to the next 20 years in Antarctica

Published 20-Oct-2014
The CEO of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC), Professor Tony Worby, has welcomed the release of the Federal Government's 20 Year Australian Antarctic Strategic Plan.

Southern Hemisphere ocean warming underestimated: new research findings

Published 13-Oct-2014
Combining satellite observations with a range of climate models, US scientists have found that long-term ocean warming in the upper 700 metres of Southern Hemisphere oceans has likely been underestimated due to earlier technical limitations.

Acid oceans will affect marine life for thousands of years

Published 13-Oct-2014
A report on ocean acidification reveals that its effect on marine organisms and ecosystems is variable and complex and even if we decrease carbon dioxide outputs, the impacts will still be felt for thousands of years.

People should help set marine policy priorities: survey findings

Published 13-Oct-2014
Public opinion should inform policy decisions about the marine environment, according to a study just published in the international journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Renewable energy future possible and preferable

Published 13-Oct-2014
A future where electricity comes mostly from low-carbon sources is not just sustainable in a materials context, but would also significantly reduce air pollution globally according to a new study.

Research expedition could improve tsunami risk estimates for the Pacific

Published 13-Oct-2014
A western Pacific Ocean submarine plateau, likely formed in the largest volcanic eruption in Earth's history 122 million years ago, will be profiled in an intensive study being led by Tasmanian marine geoscientists.

Gates open to low-cost, high-yield food crops for Africa

Published 06-Oct-2014
CSIRO has received a $14.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve the productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa by developing high-yield sorghum and cowpea crops that regenerate without the need for pollination.

Getting the water balance right will be key to developing the north

Published 06-Oct-2014
Scientists have warned that increased water extraction in northern Australia will require trade-offs between different groups and industries, as plans progress to develop the north for greater agricultural production.

Indigenous experts share common ground

Published 06-Oct-2014
CSIRO Indigenous Research Fellow, Josie Douglas, has been talking to Aboriginal youth about their feelings for country and perspectives on their elders. Her findings were the focus of a special symposium held on Arrernte country, as part of last week's Ecological Society of Australia (ESA) conference in central Australia.

Diverse experiences make for happy tourists in remote areas

Published 06-Oct-2014
A new report has painted a picture of a dynamic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) tourism industry that is highly diverse, covers a wealth of Australia's most iconic landscapes, and has a strong network of partnerships and collaborations between enterprises.

What kills one bird species may colour another

Published 06-Oct-2014
The iconic colours in one of one of Australia's most loved backyard parrots may be the surprise result of a tiny virus that kills other species, new Deakin University research has found.

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