About ECOS

Since 1974, ECOS has reported on sustainability issues from a scientific perspective for Australia’s national scientific research agency, CSIRO.

Through well-researched features relevant research, ECOS serves as a forum for:

  • authoritative articles focused on the environment and sustainability
  • raising awareness of ecological principles, and
  • explaining the challenges and benefits of good sustainable development.

ECOS is widely read in the workplace, government departments, universities, schools, libraries and environment centres around Australia.

In 2011, after 37 years, the magazine moved to an online only format extending its reach to a broader national and international community of interest. All content is freely accessible.  

In 2015, ECOS started a new chapter as a blog. With the same emphasis on sustainability and science the new blog publishes articles regularly.

This online archive of around 6000 articles is a rich source of material for anyone seeking to understand sustainability issues and how these have developed, been addressed and, in many case, remain current today.

(NOTE: republication of content is subject to copyright provisions under the ´Permissions & Disclaimer´ section below.) 

Permissions & disclaimer

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Authors published in ECOS have the moral right under Australian law to be acknowledged as the creator.

While reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the content on this site, CSIRO and CSIRO PUBLISHING accept no responsibility for any loss or damage from the direct or indirect use of or reliance on the content.

ECOS Archive

Welcome to the ECOS Archive site which brings together 40 years of sustainability articles from 1974-2014.

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