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Published: 13 February 2012

Grants for good ideas to ‘inspire Australia’

The deadline for grant applications under the 'Inspiring Australia – Unlocking Australia's Potential' program is 29 February. The grants program is part of the Inspiring Australia strategy, which aims to build a strong, open relationship between science and society, underpinned by effective communication of science and its benefits.


The strategy was launched at the 2010 Australian Science Communicators National Conference following consultations with scientists (including CSIRO), science communicators, educators, journalists, academics and government.

Certain activities – not associated with the Unlocking Australia’s Potential grant round – are already funded under the program, including the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science, the Australian Museum’s Eureka Awards and National Science Week.

In this funding round, a total of $5 million is available across three levels of grant categories for projects to be delivered in 2012 and/or 2013 and/or 2014: small (up to $5000), medium ($5000 to $45 000) and large ($45 000 to $500 000). The large grant requires applicants to have a partnership with another organisation.

Projects around science in desert, tropical and marine environments will be given priority, as will strategies for science engagement focusing on remote communities and Indigenous Australians. Criteria for this grant round include:

  1. a strengthened, cohesive and sustainable national program of science engagement activities taking into account existing projects and projects funded or supported by other means;

  2. a national spread of activities;

  3. a comprehensive mix of activities in relation to delivery approaches, target audiences, geographic locations, and science topic focus;

  4. a focus on priorities such as – but not limited to – youth, Indigenous communities and regional Australia; and

  5. innovative approaches to engaging audiences in science.

Source: Australian Government ‘Inspiring Australia’ website

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