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Fire channelling: predicting the unpredictable in bushfires
Despite nearly a century of scientific enquiry, there is still much we don't understand about large fires in the landscape. This is highlighted by a recent study that identifies a previously undocumented form of bushfire propagation – one that can have a potentially catastrophic effect on fires in rugged terrain.
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Food citizens make secure choices
This year, gourmet trendspotters believe that, in addition to embracing sweet cheeses and beer geekery, 2012 will be all about ‘food citizens' connecting with like-minded communities.
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Turtles in trouble
Imagine a world without turtles and tortoises. Unfortunately, many of the world's turtle and tortoise species are at risk of extinction within a few decades, as more of their habitats are lost or degraded and they are killed for their meat or shells, or their eggs are dug up and eaten.
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Biosecurity threats of vertebrate pests in Australia
A new study finds that exotic pets and stowaway animals present some of the highest risks for the introduction and establishment of new invasive animals in Australia. Associate Professor Phill Cassey and Dr Wendy Henderson report that more effort is needed to collect comprehensive and reliable records on the likely origins of emerging threats – which will require a concerted effort from biosecurity agencies and border authorities.
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The science of desert living: building livelihoods and protecting landscapes
The ‘science of desert living' is a new area of research that investigates livelihoods and opportunities for the people and landscapes of the desert. Local knowledge and cultural difference are the drivers of the development of desert Australia.
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Concrete pushing urban water quality 'over the edge'?
It's known as urban stream syndrome. The streams and rivers running through many of our cities are getting sick: not just from the pollution and waste carried by stormwater into gutters and drains, but from another, unexpected source – the concrete pipes and infrastructure carrying the water.
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(Solar) power to the people of Timor Leste
It is approaching dusk as the vehicles complete their five-hour trek from Dili and come to a stop outside the community centre in Baguia, Timor Leste. We are greeted by the local school teachers and shown to the guest house that will be our home for the next five days.
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Using logic to stretch the conservation dollar further
If you were to ask a room full of managers, policymakers, or even scientists, if they should be monitoring the outcomes of their conservation actions, the answer from most would be a resounding ‘yes'. They would argue that if we don't understand the benefits of our investment, how can we possibly know if we are doing the right thing and if our investment is worth it?
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

New methodology for carbon credits from savanna fire management
Search begins for champions of climate adaptation
Plant strength key to cracking biofuels?
Clean Up Australia Day goes social
Prescription for Australia's stressed ecosystems
Cleaner energy helps nation cut carbon emissions
Big trees the key to city wildlife
Tougher laws needed to combat greenwashing
Warmer climate threatens 'antifreeze' fish
Does an introduced species belong yet? Ask the locals, say scientists
'Shazam nano nano': the world's most efficient solar cells
Managing buffel grass benefits native animals and fire regimes
Greener chips to power down electronics?
Grants for good ideas to 'inspire Australia'
Global hotspot in the Tasman Sea
Landholders gravitate to carbon farming
Global report forecasts water price rises
Carbon, wealth and a long life: tying it all together
Federal minister says no to Alpine National Park grazing
Severe coastal storms linked to more deep-sea carbon
Carbon loss from tropics’ deforestation revised down
Venture capital ready to flow for clean energy start-ups
Treaty to enforce fair sharing of natural genetic resources

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