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Editorial - The climate of thinking changes
We can hopefully expect deeper progress on broad-scale solutions in the year ahead as the win-win effects of organisational commitments to sustainable practice are more widely revealed. Imperative action on climate change is leading to new perspectives and action on other sustainability priorities.
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Solar-powered desalination plant leads the way
A Victorian company recently announced plans for the staged development of Australia's first solar-powered desalination plant near Port Augusta in South Australia.
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'Asian haze' impact on Australian rainfall
Elevated particle emissions resulting from increased economic activity in Asia may have increased Australia's tropical rainfall, according to new research into the way pollution influences our climate.
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Nationwide study of reef that is 'loved to death'
Western Australia's unique Ningaloo Reef is to become the focus of a $12 million collaboration between marine experts from eight Australian research organisations.
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WA island site for world's largest carbon storage project
The Australian Government will provide $60 million to support the world's largest carbon dioxide capture and storage project at Barrow Island, off the north coast of Western Australia.
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Overfishing threatens Great Barrier Reef's sharks
Australian scientists have warned that coral reef shark populations on the Great Barrier Reef are in the midst of a catastrophic collapse because of fishing pressure.
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Solar-roofed 'immigration bridge' floated for Canberra
Not-for-profit organisation, Immigration Bridge Australia, has announced plans for a covered pedestrian bridge soaring high across Lake Burley Griffin to commemorate the contributions of [Australia's] immigrants, and showcase solar technology.
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Fast-degrading nappies lighten the load on landfill
Perth inventor Charishma Seneviratne has developed the world's first fully biodegradable disposable nappy in association with CSIRO.
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The long journey home for Campbell Island teal
Recent sightings of teal ducklings and nests on subantarctic Campbell Island are evidence of the success of a major rat-eradication and conservation program.
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The economic impacts of deep cuts to Australia's greenhouse emissions
Economic modelling suggests that emissions can be cut with minimal economic and social impact.

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The Gore factor - Reviewing the impact of An Inconvenient Truth
How Al Gore's presentation and documentary has helped shift climate change thinking in Australia.
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Wisdom from the heart of India
The Bharia and Gond tribes of India's remote Patalkot Valley have an environmentally sustainable lifestyle where plants have played a central role in spiritual beliefs.
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Saving the life of farmland soils
Depleted of organic matter as a result of land clearing and agricultural production, Australia's farmland soils are at increasing risk of becoming sterile, reducing the viability of both agricultural and surrounding natural systems. Now the emerging industry of organics recycling is assisting by returning nutrients in compost harvested from the refuse in our more urbanised areas.
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Foreign problems in the desert landscape
In Australia's Top End, the growing problem of introduced plant species becoming weeds is being made worse by a climate and urban culture that encourages the planting of exotic ornamentals.
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Review - A 'How to' guide to sustainability for business
In Shifting towards sustainability: Six insights into successful organisational change for sustainability, SallyAnn Hunting and Daniella Tilbury have written an easy-to-read and practical guide for organisations wanting to take a more sustainable approach to business.
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Review: Monsters - or manna from heaven?
Are genetically modified (GM) crops monsters of nature or could they provide answers to some of our most pressing environmental concerns? GM Crops: The Impact and the Potential by Jennifer A Thomson is an excellent short introduction to this controversial topic.
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On-farm conservation: get farmers on side first
Policy makers, extension officers and researchers may have more success in getting farmers to adopt conservation practices by identifying the factors that motivate farmers first, before formulating policy or design extension programs.
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Seaweed trial promises inland aquaculture
It is ironic that the north-west Victorian town of Donald - in semi-arid country 250 kilometres from the coast - is investigating the potential of seaweed as the basis for a new industry.
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