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Towards wise use of Antarctic krill
Antarctica: it conjures up pictures of heroic explorers enduring a freezing hell. It produces images of ruthless exploitation of living things in the surrounding seas — of whaling, and, from earlier this century, of the slaughter that nearly wiped out the fur seals.
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Explosion pulping ideal for recycling paper
‘We can make paper pulp from virtually everything known to botany’, says Dr Heikki Mamers, talking of the explosion-pulping technique he has developed at the CSIRO Division of Chemical Technology.
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Tapping water from unconventional sources
Australia is short of water at some places at some times even now. What then will happen early next century when Australia's population will be an estimated 4 million larger?
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High price for our heavy drinking
‘That night the sailors asked for some rum to make merry with upon the women quitting the ships. Soon, as one observer put it, they began to be elevated, and all that night there were scenes of debauchery and riot, which beggared description.’
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Cadmium in sewerage sludge
The Bolivar sewerage plant is one of four serving Adelaide. In the final stage of treatment, the plant produces a sludge that is left to dry out in lagoons.
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Conserving our soils for the future
Soil conservation is, like motherhood, regarded by everybody as a good thing. However, while many of us pay lip service to the idea of conserving our soils for future generations, a recent government report calculates that we need to pay $675 million over the next 30 years to repair the damage done to our valuable capital resource.
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Saving energy with rocks
The peak electrical power used for comfort air-conditioning in South Australia has trebled over the past 5 years, and now represents approximately 25% of total peak-power usage. These figures, published by the South Australian Department of Economic Development, clearly indicate that there would be considerable advantage in reducing the power loads of air-conditioners.
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Perth’s water to be purified by magnetic process
Perth's conventional water treatment plant should soon be joined by a novel plant that purifies water much more quickly and efficiently by using magnetic forces to help the settling out of impurities
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Surveying Australia’s plants and animals
Australia's plants and animals have always excited naturalists ever since Sir Joseph Banks landed with Captain Cook at Botany Bay. Sir Joseph, indeed, was so impressed by what he collected that he used his influence as President of the prestigious Royal Society of London as well as his personal fortune to promote biological exploration on the continent.
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Wallaby embryos wait for the sun
Tammar wallabies are a feature of Kangaroo Island. They also live in the dry mallee scrubs of South and Western Australia. Like others of their kind, they have become well adapted to the harsh environment that they inhabit.
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