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Local food for sustainable communities
Many people are waking up to the wisdom of growing food within and around cities and towns, a movement that is leading to the creation of more sustainable communities.
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The REDD approach to protecting green carbon
Deforestation causes about 20 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and catastrophic climate change will be difficult to avoid unless forest-clearing in the tropics is significantly reduced.
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Forest benefits beyond counting carbon
The successor to the Kyoto Protocol is likely to include Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) provisions to reduce the damaging greenhouse gas emissions which occur from habitat destruction.
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Desert knowledge: key to surviving the 21st century
Knowledge about the way life operates in the extreme conditions of Australia’s vast deserts can be applied to a future of new unprecedented constraints.
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Championing urban rivers
Historically maligned as natural drains, our urban rivers are in fact fundamental ecological, social and economic assets that need protection, appreciation and enhanced management approaches.
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Cities' achievements keep Australia beautiful
The City of Canada Bay in Western Sydney is the overall winner of the Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Cities Awards, now in its third year.
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Water solutions adapted for climate change
The Water Transformed online education package demonstrates how Australia is leading in many aspects of water management, as well as how, across a number of sectors, companies and organisations are achieving significant savings – of both water and money. Cheryl Desha, Charlie Hargroves and Mike Smith
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Nation building 2.0: investing in ecological infrastructure
Concerted ‘bailout’ investment in ecological infrastructure and its connectivity will essentially underpin our future prosperity and is long-term insurance.
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Prioritising ecological infrastructure

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Gunns aiming at FSC certification
Breakthrough in national policy for e-waste
Native seeds for posterity
Planetary boundaries for sustainable development
Call for high seas ocean parks
Get on your bike
Creative waste solutions help the environment
Vic Forests fires back at ACF
Power shopping
'Safe Climate' runners complete 6000-km relay
Coral reef services valued at US$172 billion
Energy efficiency alliance

Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

Preparing Australia's coastal zone for a changing climate
New monitoring system for global forest carbon stocks
Indian Ocean imprint found in Australia’s firey south-east


Coming clean on phantom RECs


Leaving a good taste in your mouth


The smarts on an evolving society
350 reasons for climate action


Definition of Sustainability 13: Human decision-making and behaviour
Murdoch’s green wastewater machine
Honey possums may suffer the heat
Managing Tiwi fires for greenhouse gas abatement


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