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Indonesia's peatlands a testground for REDD+
In Indonesia's Central Kalimantan peatlands, a demonstration project to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) is providing valuable lessons for future REDD+ efforts.
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Combating bee pollinator decline
With bee populations in decline internationally and the Australian arrival of the notorious Varroa destructor mite inevitable, ECOS looks at the challenges of protecting our pollinators.
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Free guide to energy efficiency for business
While some continue to debate the potential impact of the carbon tax and renewable energy targets, they seem to have overlooked a simple solution that addresses the need to ‘decarbonise' our economy, reduce energy costs and improve business competitiveness. That solution is more efficient use of energy. A new website supported by federal and state governments provides a one-stop shop for businesses to find out how they can start saving.
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Historic land survey leaves enduring legacy
Australia's far north is a challenging place to conduct research at the best of times. A CSIRO-led project to survey these vast and remote lands in the years following World War II was ambitious in scope and methodology. But, the gamble paid off. Jen Morris explores the legacy of a remarkable scientific endeavour: the CSIRO Land Research Surveys.
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Small green steps no guarantee of bigger change
Danish psychology professor, John Thøgersen, believes we don't know enough about why people engage in pro-environmental behaviour. Sonja Dechian finds out that his research challenges received wisdom about what drives people to make real change for the environment.
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Macquarie Island is back in bloom
Scientists are astounded at the rapid recovery of native vegetation on Australia's sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island – affectionately known as ‘Macca' – after the launch of a massive program to eradicate introduced rats, mice and an overwhelming rabbit population.
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Imagining a greener future for Ningaloo
When we plan for the future, it helps to clearly imagine the alternatives – for example, the impact different development scenarios will have on the environment. Western Australia's Ningaloo coast has natural resources that fuel a major tourist industry. Scientific modelling can help us understand the combined impacts of tourism, offshore gas and mining, and climate change on this unique area.
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Sea's salt levels points to amped-up water cycle
Changing salinity levels in the oceans point to an accelerating global rainfall and evaporation cycle. Arid regions are becoming drier – and high-rainfall regions are getting wetter – faster than predicted, according to a paper by Australian and United States scientists just published in Science. The scientists say the changes are a ‘fingerprint’ of global warming.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Groundwater pumping contributes to sea level rise
Place and time key factors in deforestation emissions
Inner urban stormwater system wins national award
Survival of Vietnam’s unique gibbons at risk
Social media to help protect Kimberley coast?
Food shortage risk from biofuel targets
Cambodia urged to choose sustainable development
A world class marine research facility for urban Sydney
Call to reduce barriers to decentralised energy generation
World governments establish biodiversity panel akin to IPCC
Australian-Chinese solar cell breakthrough
Collaboration to more accurately assess livestock methane
Traditional Owners speak out on Northern Territory water plan
Wastewater geothermal heats up
What makes plants tasty to insects?
Homebody habits make coral reef snakes vulnerable
Slowing the development of antibiotic resistance
Wind power cheaper than PVs for some developing countries
Malaysia offers sweet relief to sugar gliders
New green 'caps' to rehabilitate old dumps
Warming reaches the deep ocean
Australian company short-listed for global green energy prize
Chocaholics beware a looming supply crisis
Endangered Javan rhinos on film
'Super safflower oil' set to replace petroleum feedstocks
Could the Mekong's dams destabilise Asia?
Revegetation to the rescue of woodland birds
Food waste under the gun in North Sydney
Large dams should go underground say scientists

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