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Issue 75

Voyages of discovery
Microscopy has grown from van Leeuwenhoek's first microscope to today's electron microscopes. Pictures obtained from CSIRO's electron microscopes are presented.
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Past clues to future climate
Knowledge of how climate has changed over tens of thousands of years in the past is growing rapidly, and palaeoclimatic data is providing useful pointers to the prediction of future climate.
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From bush tucker to beans
Australia's native Vigna species are very adaptable. Their genes, in particular those that relate to hard-seededness, seed protein, disease resistance and flowering times, will have a ready application in improving both seed crops like mung bean and the various species exploited as forage.
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Towards food security without chemicals
Research is underway to reduce the need by agriculture for dangerous or polluting chemicals, such as methyl bromide. Methods being investigated include the breeding of pest and disease resistant crops, for example crossing wheat with goat grass (Triticum tauschii); for nematode resistance; and through non-chemical methods for disinfestation of crops, such as hot water treatment.
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Midges as bio-indicators
Peter Cranston, a taxonomist with the CSIRO, has been applying his expertise in the identification and classification of midges - ephemeral flies, that belong to the family Chironomidae in the Alligator Rivers area to build-up a comprehensive picture of e
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Dung beetles make their mark
Research has indicated that dung beetles established in south-eastern Australia and Tasmania are beginning to have a measurable impact on bush fly numbers.
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The Dunlena project
The Dunlena project is a joint venture between CSIRO and Du Pont Australia to develop new agrichemicals. The low-volume, high-quality biologically active compounds are destined for local use and for export to the world market.
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Cane toads
Researchers from 34 centres met in September 1992 to discuss the cane toad (Bufo marinus). The meeting has enabled gaps in our knowledge of the pest to be identified and will enable refinement of possible control strategies.
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The dismal language of science
Australian scientists publish more than 10,000 articles a year in the international scientific literature. While this figure is more than that of Sweden and India, the author asks whether this could be increased if scientist's communication skills were improved.
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