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Groundbreaking models give fragmented landscapes new hope
Innovative scientific modelling by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) has revolutionised our understanding of the state's native vegetation and will help prioritise the way conservation dollars are spent in future.
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Efficient algae – the next biofuel?
Microalgae are grown in Australia to produce high-value dietary supplements. Now, they are being touted as a source of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels.
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A place to call home
A new approach to sustainable living is paving the way to a better life for a group of Melbourne's most vulnerable residents.
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The Apple Isle’s bid to feed Australia
As proposals to cut irrigation from the Murray–Darling Basin are announced, the search for Australia's new food bowl has shifted to Tasmania. But, what impact will increased irrigation and land-use change have on Tasmania's ecosystems?
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Climate Change Bulletin: Global emissions may set a record in 2010
Global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions contributing to atmospheric warming may reach record levels in 2010, according to the Global Carbon Project (GCP).
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Climate Change Bulletin: Thoughts of water with drought up ahead
Australians have a special affinity with drought, and several recently released reports and statements confirm this for our recent history.
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Telltale radioactivity assists with erosion control
Radioactivity has long been associated with suffering and environmental disaster, but it also provides scientists with tools to assist with rehabilitation of degraded water bodies.
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REDD alert
According to a recent report by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and the Australia Institute, carbon offset schemes – through which developing countries agree to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in exchange for tradable carbon permits – carry significant risks for the Australian aid sector.
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REDD pilot projects in Indonesia
Pilot projects in Indonesia are generating valuable insights into the potential challenges and risks of an international scheme to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.
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Skilling up for a low carbon future
A lack of appropriate skills and qualifications in the professions over the next decade may see Australian businesses forego significant opportunities in the global shift to sustainable development. What is the extent of the broader capacity building challenge facing our education sector, and how quickly will we need to respond?
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Sustainable enterprise: Real-time purchasing power
Let's imagine you could walk into a store, select a product, and instantly be able to view a rating of its health, environmental and social impacts. Would the product's rating relative to its competitors sway your purchasing decision?
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Australian sandalwood comes of age
In the arid and semi-arid rangelands of Western Australia, where pressures on the landscape include increasing numbers of feral goats, the sustainability of the wild harvest of old-growth sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) is being questioned. But the sandalwood plantation industry – which has experienced significant growth in the past few years – is coming of age, and offers hope of a more ecologically supportive way of exploiting this valuable crop.
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New mail for irrigators
Checking the mobile for new messages is one of the first things many people do each day. Hundreds of Australian irrigators now have an added reason to check their phones, with vital information about their crops' water requirements being provided as a daily text message.
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Organically grown research
As sales of Australian-grown organic produce increase, organic farmers are calling for increased research into the sector. What science is happening, and what is needed?
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Aspiring to consume less
Lower lakes finally reconnected
Oceans can make a comeback, say new reports
New partnership charges electric vehicle deployment
Legume genome project fixed on nitrogen
Mapping the abyss
SA announces innovative education centre for future green builders
Less land required for high yield timber
Iceberg threat to Antarctic ecosystems
World’s first climate change advocacy fund launched


Getting back to the roots
Mapping the impacts of consumer choice

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