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Managing fire's impact on biodiversity
Management of fire prone areas is a difficult and contentious issue for land managers throughout Australia.
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Methane reductions needed urgently
Following a growth spurt that lasted from mid-2006 to mid-2009, the methane emission growth rate is back down to near zero. But the methane problem is not over.
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Change a constant for Australian rice growers
Water-intensive rice farming is a contentious issue in a bone-dry country. Australian growers battle negative public opinion and an 8-year drought – which isn't over yet.
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Preparing to adapt to unavoidable climate change
The terms 'adaptation' and 'mitigation' are fundamental to the public debate on climate change.
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Sending water south not a simple proposition
Southern Australia is struggling with increasing uncertainty, and rising costs, of water supply.
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Supporting rainforest biodiversity in a changing climate
Scientists are investigating practical ways to help biodiversity now, and increase their resilience in the future, using climate refugia.
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Mapping native vegetation loss in the Wet Tropics
From fog rising above the canopy, to fungi bursting from the forest floor and pandanus fringing the sea, native vegetation in Australia's Wet Tropics creates endless images of natural beauty and is an important biodiversity asset.
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Hastening slowly in the global renewables race
Until a few years back, renewable energies were widely regarded as incapable of delivering utility-scale power.
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Environmental monitoring gets 'standard gauge' solution
An Australian Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network will give researchers the tools they need to better understand Australia's terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity, and how they adapt to challenges such as climate change.
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A new challenge for the clean energy sector

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Significantly less water by 2030, says Sustainable Yields Report
State of the climate snapshot
Retailers and food producers move on sustainable palm oil
Cautious support for new Basin Plan, but scientists urge big-picture view
New conservation reserve for declining wildlife
Emissions trading won't hurt small business
New species of stingray discovered at Ningaloo
Devils on offshore islands
ACF says 'just add water' to endangered Murray wetlands

Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

Winds open window onto the deep sea


Wild man's dedication led environmental publishing


Blogging on climate change – a job for the brave
A leading climate scientist writes for the people
The challenges of sharing scientific knowledge


Handfishes: thylacines of the sea?


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