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Should we be preparing for an El Niño in 2014?
Recently speculation has been rife that the end of 2014 will see an El Niño event – the change in Pacific Ocean and atmosphere circulation that is known to produce drought, extreme heat, and fire in Australia.
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The noisy future of farming
How will we sustain protein levels in our future food supply, in a world where 9 billion-plus people will be pushing the planet's farming and aquaculture systems to the limit? Grain prices will almost certainly go up and so will the price of meat, as livestock depend on these grain supplies. Insects, though, offer a good alternative – healthy, easy to raise, and much more efficient in processing vegetable matter into animal protein.
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Our cities need more trees and water, not less, to stay liveable
How can we keep urban trees and gardens alive, without wasting water? Australia's major cities routinely rank among the world’s most liveable. But for all our clean streets, good healthcare and educational opportunities, one of the things we have to contend with is our sweltering summer heat.
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Logic the key to Lake Eyre Basin clean-up
Australia's Lake Eyre Basin is as big as Italy, Germany and France combined. It's one of the world's largest internally draining basins, drained by one of the world's most variable river systems – the Georgina, Diamantina and Cooper. Rich in Indigenous culture, the Basin is also home to some of the rarest, least exploited ecosystems on the planet.
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Most of us overestimate how ‘green’ we really are
Most Australians overestimate how much they are doing for the environment compared to others, and are more concerned about water shortages, pollution and household waste than climate change, a new CSIRO survey reveals.
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Broadband serves up sight-saving science
Achieving and maintaining a healthy population is integral to Australia's sustainable development. Yet socio-economic and geographic barriers prevent many Indigenous Australians, in particular, from accessing effective healthcare for endemic diseases such as diabetes and associated conditions.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Fertilisation and ‘nitrogen rain’ destabilise grassland ecosystems globally
Australian plant science duo recognised for drought-proof wheat
Common ‘cat litter’ pathogen spreads to Arctic whales
Study shows oceans' mid-depths teeming with fish
A big hit: Atlas of Living Australia delivers one billion-plus downloads
Strong east-west trades may have slowed global warming
Industry funds research into health of Pilbara coral reefs
Local climate maps uncover species at risk
Rare native bird populations decimated by Mallee fires
Research links trace toxic metals in seabirds to plastic pollution
CSIRO assesses ‘food bowl’ potential of two northern catchments
Sea-level rise: What Antarctica’s Larsen A and B breakup reveals
El Niño absent, but 2013 one of the 10 hottest years on record
Old trees work faster at storing carbon
Fee-free entry to post-secondary marine studies
Ngadju kala: the finely tuned science of traditional fire management
Hiding our splashes from sharks may reduce attack risk

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