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Is the carbon tax a habit-breaking moment?
Everyday lifestyle choices involving energy consumption are driven by habit, says psychology professor, Bas Verplanken. Nicola Markus asks if there are times when breaking old habits and making new ones is easier, and wonders if the introduction of Australia's carbon tax is such a moment.
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Life in our oceans is changing rapidly: latest audit
A new ‘report card' issued by a team of leading scientists from across Australia demonstrates that climate change is already having significant impacts on our marine ecosystems.
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Heinz Schandl: sense and sustainability
CSIRO’s Dr Heinz Schandl has a background in sociology and economics. As he explains to ECOS, his research focus is not so much on the role of the individual in sustainable development, as the social structures or institutions that determine how we interact as individuals.
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‘Yes we can’: planetary declaration to seize the moment
In March this year, around 3000 people attended the Planet Under Pressure conference in London. Another 3500 followed the proceedings on-line. The conference inspired the publication of over 400 news articles worldwide in 15 languages and its impact still reverberates in the media, online discussions and policy circles. Mark Stafford Smith, Science Director of CSIRO's Climate Adaptation Flagship, co-chaired the conference.
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Ecologists spring a trap for rice-loving rats
CSIRO scientists have long known of the link between rodent breeding and rice cropping, especially in countries where rice is a staple. Now, they have used this understanding to develop an ecologically based management approach for keeping rats at bay – an approach that eliminates the use of costly baits and poisons.
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Nature's weapons in the war on weeds
It has been fifty-two years since publication of the last scientific book on biological weed control in Australia. This makes Biological Control of Weeds in Australia – published just ahead of the fiftieth anniversary of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring – a timely and valuable contribution to the field of environmental management.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Vocational skills green games aims for gold
Award-winning process squeezes value from sludge
When is a native not a native?
Key ports get oil-spill rapid response kits
Oceans news: 60-million-year investment worth protecting
Funding to help fight tramp ant threat to cassowaries
National fluoro-light recycling scheme hits a high note
Protecting the Kimberley’s natural wealth
Long-term forecast for South Pacific: wetter floods, drier droughts
Squeezing more water out of every glass
It’s official: Indian mynas harm native bird populations
Grants to foster regional climate adaptation research
Black Saturday’s deadly weather secrets revealed
Young engineers find ready-made solution to fog-harvesting
Salt-and-water battery could help plug renewables gap
Mapping the outback’s hidden ancient river valleys
Gene sequencing enhances ‘mouse model’ for plant science
‘Probiotics’ in plant roots could cut chemical use
Call to think more broadly in offsetting carbon
Sun, wind power cheaper than fossil fuel by 2030: report
Higher temperatures change predator-prey relations
Managing and monitoring water 'over the wireless'
Container recycling program chalking up twenty million drums
No replacing ecosystems once they are gone warn scientists

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