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The sun rises slowly for Australian solar
When scientists from the University of New South Wales' solar photovoltaic group fabricated their first solar cell in 1975, Australia was a world leader in the solar energy industry. More recently, a lack of political support for solar technology has seen some of those pioneering researchers leave Australia to take up opportunities overseas, and Australian solar companies become foreign-owned. Can we catch up to the rest of the world again?
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Inside ecovillage life
Once regarded as little more than hippy communes, ecovillages are attracting a lot of attention as Australians, driven by concerns about climate, sustainability and community, seek a more satisfying lifestyle alternative. But are they for everyone?
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Healing by the community spirit
It's the story of the largest movement the world has ever seen. A movement with no charismatic leader; that follows no unifying ideology; and which politicians, the public and the media don't recognise. But it has the potential to heal the Earth. Alexandra de Blas examines Blessed Unrest, a book by Paul Hawken, soon to start production as a ground-breaking film.
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Encountering mutual respect
Since the beginning of recorded history whales have always held an extraordinary magnetism for humans. Now, for a particular subspecies of minke whale, which visits Queensland's north coast each year, humans seem to have become just as magnetically interesting.
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Is kangaroo really a more sustainable choice?
A number of prominent experts and environmental groups have recently endorsed the kangaroo industry. So, exactly why is eating kangaroo 'good for you AND good for the environment,' as the current marketing slogan states?
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Balancing living standards and environmental pressures
CSIRO's Dr Heinz Schandl and the Department of Climate Change's Dr Steve Hatfield Dodds explore the notion of 'decoupling' economic growth and environmental degradation.
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The Ten Commitments
Faced with a growing catalogue of environmental priorities and having seen little real progress on solutions, a group of Australia's most eminent ecological scientists decided to take matters into their own hands.
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Speaking up on Asia Pacific sea-level rise impacts
An April 2008 advertisement placed in The Australian newspaper by Green Cross Australia began a unique, deliberative process inviting the country to consider the role that Australians might play should sea-level rise and climate change result in a significant displacement of people in the Asia Pacific region.
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The Green RIG – driving eco-education
Thinking outside the box, a small regional government agency in New Zealand has taken its environmental education 'show' on the road – in an 18-metre-long 'big green box on wheels', called the Green RIG.
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Natural riches brilliantly captured
The ANZANG Nature and Landscape photographic competition and travelling exhibition is celebrating its fifth year with another mesmerising set of images submitted by both amateur and professional entrants across the globe.
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A platform for growth

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Leading scientist formulates rescue plan for the Coorong

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The zero emission house is here

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Renewable energy projects investors think big

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Alarm over herbicide-resistant weeds

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Packaging recycling initiatives to harvest more waste

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Government and Google get behind geothermal

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Expanding conservation reserve in the Kimberley

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'Dryland' rice farmers reap high-rainfall yields

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Native bacteria to mop up toxic pollution?

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East Timor declares its first national park

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Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

ETS may see demise of native forests

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Plantstones for soil carbon storage

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Carbon time-bomb in permafrost zones?

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Opening a door to energy literacy

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Sustaining our iconic north

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The underground conservation frontier

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Events calendar

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