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Mimosa pigra threatens Kakadu
Mimosa pigra (known as giant sensitive plant) grows in dense stands in which almost nothing else will grow. Highly invasive, it is spreading rapidly in the Northern Territory. In doing so, it has replaced unique communities of native plants and their dependent animals. It now threatens the World-Heritage listed Kakadu National Park. Since 1984, a collaborative research program has concentrated on studies of the plant and its predators.
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Climate change: what the models say
The problems in trying to determine climatic trends and computer models like General Circulation Models are described. The CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research is investigating weather patterns and the effect that a 3 degrees C warming might have. Separate section: Identifying the onset of droughts.
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Conservation values of the Top End
Surveys by CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology staff of Stage III of Kakadu National Park show the importance of the conservation of this area.
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The pig problem
A survey into the problems posed by feral pigs in rainforest areas near Tully, Qld, has given a clearer picture of their effect on vegetation and forest species' composition. A survey in the ACT confirms the Queensland findings that control is difficult. Separate section: Feral pigs and exotic diseases.
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Phosphorus from sewage: without chemicals
A biological phosphorus-removal process established at Ballarat, Victoria is working well and cutting costs. Phosphorus causes eutrophication, choking water bodies and resulting in stagnant polluted water. Alternating aerobic and anaerobic digestion treatment makes the naturally occurring bacteria in sludge remove the phosphorus. A separate section, p.25 'Sludge: prospects for recycling'.
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Turning wood residues to gold
A process developed by CSIRO Division of Forestry and Forest Products has converted wood residues into pelletised, activated carbon using a fluidised-bed process. Market opportunities for activated carbon in gold refining are described.
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A closer look at diesel exhaust
CSIRO's Division of Coal Technology has researched exhaust emissions from diesel engines and found both unburnt and combusted diesel fuel provide the emissions which include harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
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Snails on the move
The snails Cernuella virgata and Theba pisana affect pastures in South Australia. CSIRO Division of Entomology has studied the movement of the snails to find a means of controlling them.
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Bringing back the bettongs
The Burrowing bettong and Western or Rufous hare-wallaby are endangered species in Western Australia. Describes plans by the CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology to introduce these species to an area of Shark Bay where they will be protected from predators.
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