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Native forest management and greenhouse gas emissions – how much do we really know?
Harvesting of native forests needs to be included in the carbon accounting process in Australia. But, do we know enough about the greenhouse gas and carbon cycling implications of this kind of forestry?
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Payback time for carbon-neutral housing?
Cost can often be a turn-off factor when it comes to sustainable building. But, a study of the proposed Cape Paterson Ecovillage in South Gippsland, Victoria, suggests the tables are turning – building green can take years off the average mortgage and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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Australian bird status survey a call to action
So often in conservation debates regarding birds, common terms such as ‘endangered species' are bandied about without any great knowledge of what they actually mean. With the publication of the third Action Plan for Australian Birds we now have an up-to-date snapshot of the conservation status of every species and subspecies of Australian bird.
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Outsmarting cane toads: lessons from a small marsupial
It seems that small dasyurids in northern Australia instinctively know how to avoid being poisoned by cane toads. Their example is behind an unusual experiment to ‘train' endangered northern quolls to become ‘toad-smart'.
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Managing the future of the north’s aquatic biodiversity
Northern Australia features prominently in visions for Australia's future. Plans for capturing, storing and transporting the region's water to make it available for increased agricultural development in the region and elsewhere are frequently proposed. But what is our current understanding of the biodiversity, and the ecological functions and services and of the northern region, and how might these assets be affected by such development?
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100% Renewable campaign powered by grassroots
Australia's 2011 Young Environmentalist of the Year is achieving national impact by uniting community climate campaigners with her inclusive, solutions-based approach.
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Northern Australia's disappearing native mammals
The Northern Australian landscape is a spectacular, vast and wild place. It is a land of crocodiles, dingoes and endless bush. It forms a refuge for many wildlife species that have disappeared or declined in other parts of the continent, such as bush stone-curlews and nailtail wallabies.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Closer to home is better: fuel reduction lessons from Black Saturday
Worms a winner for engineering students
Conserving biodiversity protects the world's poorest
White roofs cool for Melbourne
Small country sets precedent choosing forest conservation over oil
First national Telework Week promises less commuter pollution
Research shows community generally on board with wind farms
Rare primate re-discovered in Borneo
Carbon dioxide affecting brains of fish
Take a dive for conservation on the Great Barrier Reef
Overfishing of western Pacific bigeye tuna continues
Gift of the gab helps plants beat drought
Lake Eyre Basin protected under Wild River declarations
Deep knowledge sharing to help protect world's natural capital
Groundwater under increasing pressure worldwide
MD Basin graziers: ‘go ahead and flood our land'
National energy savings' initiative: call for comment
Cook Islands Marine Park to join Pacific Oceanscape

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