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Rising force
Youth coalitions are forming across Australia, often in the form of dispersed networks, to take a proactive, mainstream stake in the environmental change agenda.
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Acting in good faith
Arguments over the science and economics of climate change dominate the national debate, but the social justice and humanitarian imperatives for action are gaining weight.
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Concerns heightening for Fraser Island's dingoes
How best to ensure the survival of the last remaining dingoes on Fraser Island is a matter of continuing controversy.
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Linking Sri Lanka's biodiversity
The tenacious efforts of a small conservation organisation are helping restore indigenous flora and fauna in Sri Lanka's southern communities through a technique known as Analog Forestry.
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Grassroots as important as ever says Landcare pioneer
Landcare's 20th birthday celebrations from 7 to 13 September this year provided an opportunity for Australians to reflect on the movement's significant legacy.
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Addressing our groundwater crisis
Throughout Australia a growing number of domestic users as well as commercial and industrial organisations are relying on groundwater to compensate for shrinking surface water reserves.
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Re-engineering higher education for energy efficiency solutions
Emerging 21st century challenges require higher education institutions to play a key role in developing graduates and professionals, particularly in engineering and design, who can forge sustainable solutions.
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Addressing poverty
Poverty reduction and halving the proportion of the global population living in extreme poverty by 2015 is one of the eight Millennium Development Goals established by the United Nations at the Millennium Summit in 2000.
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Building resilience – adapting to climate impacts
Organisations and communities each face different challenges in adapting to climate change effects. Experts have differing perspectives on where effort should be focused, but they agree that steps to minimise risks need to be taken.
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People want cooperation

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Tax breaks needed to keep us in the solar race, say experts
Handbook for reducing carbon footprint
Eyre Peninsula: added protection and eco-tourism project
More energy from the sun: just add cooling fluid
Crunching through the packaging waste problem
Call to protect iconic outback watercourse
Hope for rebuilding global fisheries
Irrigation technology ready to cut water use
Nature of Australia to dramatically shift under climate change
Biodiesel from algae: plant gets a boost

Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

Northern pollution may affect southern rainfall
Costs of climate adaptation greatly underestimated
Climate change, not drought, the main suspect


'Yes we can': a manual for grassroots climate action
A set of dazzling postcards from nature


Northern water assessment informs development capacity
Low success from rainforest revegetation investment
'Working trees' key to urban resilience?


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