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Improving road safety for Australia’s high-flyers
Roads pose many risks to wildlife – from preventing or curtailing their movement, to causing death or serious injury. Genetic evidence warns us that in many areas, these risks could lead to the local extinction of many species. Given the number of major roads being built or enlarged as road authorities try to accommodate ever-increasing volumes of traffic, the problem of wildlife on roads is set to worsen.
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Rocks and paddock trees: biodiversity’s unlikely allies
In Australia's high-rainfall zone, which encompasses Australia's most profitable farming areas, land uses are changing rapidly. How do they threaten biodiversity, and how can they be managed?
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Bronwyn Harch: using maths to solve the planet’s big issues
The Chief of CSIRO Mathematics, Informatics & Statistics, Dr Bronwyn Harch, talks to ECOS about her passion for using maths to study the environment, the challenges of her new role as CSIRO's maths science leader, and her mission to inspire the next generation of multi-disciplinary scientists.
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Crunch time for metals recycling?
With the world facing a rare-earth metals crisis, a paper published in the leading journal Science last year examined how far we are from cradle-to-cradle metal recycling, and identified future constraints and opportunities.
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Islands are assets for biodiversity conservation
A major exercise to assess the biodiversity and ecological security of our offshore islands has identified their importance in helping minimise the impact of pests – such as cane toads – on Australia's biodiversity.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

2013 the year of ‘Maths of Planet Earth’
Endangered kangaroo prefers 'the girl next door'
Hollow drops save water at shower-time
Native plants may help control grain pests
'Shell-shocked' crabs can feel pain
Model may help farmers better deal with seasonal variability
Reef monitoring: tourists step up to the post
First global renewable energy resources atlas available online
Free climate phone app for farmers
Wetlands are being wedged
Microwaves to deliver chemical-free weed control?
Many coastal aquifers at risk of seawater intrusion
Shareholder liability could tip the balance towards sustainable energy
Fewer dams up north could stop cane toads
Industrial sector could cut energy use by 11 per cent
Antarctic ice core project to reveal detail of past climate change
Online portal to better inform Australians about flood risk

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