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Greening IT
While IT's pervasive expansion has facilitated many positive environmental and societal gains, there are also unexpectedly severe and growing impacts from the global electronics boom.
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Can a parrot get justice under a Regional Forest Agreement?
Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) and their ability to effectively protect endangered species have recently been the basis of a high profile legal action brought by Tasmania's Senator Bob Brown. Now, two independent reports have found RFAs to be wanting.
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Green work boom collars the international market
The burgeoning environmental industry is giving rise to an international-scale employment transformation.
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Mammal extinctions new thinking
With an increasing list of endangered mammals slipping towards extinction in Australia, leading ecologists are aiming for solutions with more effort on science-based changes in management practices on the ground.
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Linking land clearing to drought and climate change
A recent Australian study suggests that land clearing over the past 200 years may have been as significant a factor in this country's droughts and changing climate as increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
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Celebrating 35 years covering environmental issues
This year, Ecos celebrates 35 years of publication and 150 issues, making it one of the longest running environment and sustainability magazines in Australia.
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National business leaders see opportunities for change
With aftershocks of the international finance crisis still reverberating in late May, challenging industry and government leaders to re-double environmental and social development commitments was ambitious. But that was what this year's 10th National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development achieved.
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Flashing stars light up the Reef's shelf
During an expedition to the shelf edge of the Great Barrier Reef, scientists captured the first images of the life associated with rolling undersea dunes and discovered a large community of aggregated brittle stars that have spectacular luminescent behaviour.
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Social change movements
The 21st century has seen a proliferation of new social change movements driven by grassroots community activism.
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Editorial: Celebrating 35 years

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Gore launches a 10-year safe climate plan
'Electric driveway' to plug hybrid cars into zero-emission house
Remaining paddock trees in peril
States' smart moves to save energy
Good news for some corals, not so good elsewhere
Whales 'worth more alive than dead'
More water, sequestration if Goulburn logging stopped
Smaller travel footprint next step to sustainability
'Pest-buster' database to protect marine environments
Shift happening as tropics relocate polewards

Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

Estimates of carbon in frozen soils doubled
Copenhagen report: 'climate change running ahead'
HFCs 'low hanging fruit' in climate change mitigation


A Factor 5 water saving with a cooling systems innovation


Our energy dilemma: biggest loser – or clean winner?
Community power holds the key


UN–RMIT partnership tackles problems in Pacific cities
The wine industry embraces efficiency


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