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Supermodelling the Murray–Darling
How does the Murray–Darling's complex water system work, how do we measure its capacity and supply under increasing demands, and how do we understand the implications for local communities – in just a year? CSIRO's Murray–Darling basin Sustainable Yields Project, probably the most ambitious resource inventory attempted anywhere in the world, has met that challenge.
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The tsunami gardeners
A simple organic gardening and ecosystem restoration program is building new self-sufficiency in Sri Lankan communities striving to overcome tsunami damage and effects from the ongoing civil war.
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Flight path to peril
In a tiny desert outpost, a tenacious ornithologist is fighting to keep open one of Nature's wonders – the greatest migratory bird highway on Earth.
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Farming a climate change solution
Farmers have a golden solution to global warming largely missed by climate change pundits, right beneath their feet. The innovative Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme is showing how incentive payments can be received by landholders for measurable increases in soil carbon that soaks up CO2 from the atmosphere. Financial incentives could help fund soil restoration efforts, which in turn bring the bonus of greater productivity, drought resilience and even rain. The action is deep underground.
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Sustaining development through protecting 'critical capital'
Stocks of different sorts of 'capital' are integral to society's capacity for sustainable development. Steve Hatfield Dodds – senior CSIRO researcher and President of the Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics – explains why.
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Clever cooperation will step up climate progress
In the first of a two-part series, Michael Smith and Karlson Hargroves discuss how cost-effective and mutually beneficial opportunities for OECD countries to assist fast-growing developing nations can appreciably reduce emissions in a new era of greater global cooperation.
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Rescuing the Barmah Forest
A powerful collaboration between research, catchment management, indigenous, national parks and government working groups is combining knowledge to restore a precious native river habitat.
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Firefighters get more bushfire savvy
As bushfires again spark across the country following the hottest year on record for south-east Australia, advanced research has provided fire agencies and land managers with vital new methods of predicting bushfire behaviour in dry eucalypt forest and assessing forest fuel hazards.
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Editorial: The power of partnership

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Carbon storage trial set to go

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Wielangta heading to High Court?

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Care required in slowing deforestation

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Scientists target Indonesia's illegal logging

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Baseload solar prospect gets funding boost

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'Go national' says recycling body

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Solvent solution could delay 'peak lithium'

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Macquarie rabbits soon to be on the run

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Pulp mill assessment challenge dismissed

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Concerns raised about ocean fertilisation for carbon credits challenge

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Obituary: Dr Vincent Serventy, 1916–2007 – new morality crusader

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Review: Free online – a new skill for a climate-constrained future

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Integrating science to support sustainable agriculture

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Resistance warning given for GM herbicide-tolerant crops

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Wind energy round the clock

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