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Sustainable neighbourhoods: the cohousing model
The ‘housing crisis' in our cities is firmly on the national agenda. Gilo Holtzman reports on a long-standing housing model that offers the promise of affordability, sustainability and social cohesion.
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Fish as friends not food in sharks' social networks
‘Fish are friends, not food,' says Bruce the Shark in the movie Finding Nemo, during a group-therapy-style meeting for marine predators. But could sharks and fish really be friends? In a statistical way, they could.
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Climate-resilient restoration of box gum grassy woodlands
Box gum grassy woodlands are an iconic part of the eastern Australian landscape and once extended across large parts of inland south-eastern Australia. On trial sites on farmland in southern and central New South Wales, CSIRO is looking at ways of restoring these unique ecosystems to improve their resilience to a drying, warming climate.
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Green shoots from brownfield roots
While brownfield sites present many challenges for developers, they may be the key to sustainable growth in the face of intense population pressures on our cities.
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Allan Jones and energy efficiency: just getting things done
Allan Jones is the man in charge of steering the City of Sydney’s ambitious plan to produce 100 per cent of its electricity needs from local energy and to reduce emissions by 70 per cent by 2030. Like his hero, the nineteenth century British engineer Isambard Brunel, he has a reputation for ‘just getting things done’.
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Computer power stacks up for flood mitigation
The best tools to mitigate the effects of floods such as those we've seen recently literally splashed across our TV screens may not be levies or sandbags, but computers.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Tough, strong and durable: new insect silks coming to a market near you
CSIRO smart-grid technology goes global
NGO claims oil and gas leases to impact whale populations
Insurance model for UN forest carbon scheme
Alleged agricultural bias in biosecurity law
700 million pigs not so smelly thanks to Australian science
Widely used pesticide triggers body changes in tadpoles
Natural pollen diversity a key to sustaining forest resource
Detailed study shows CO2 'messing with coral skeletons'
Blackberry in south-west WA contained by ‘good science'
Plugging into Earth for city's future power
Most landfill sites not subject to carbon price: Fed Govt
Electricity distributor does the right thing with its fluoros
Applications due for science-to-policy leadership program
Could corals survive a warmer, more acidic ocean?
Socially conscious consumers prepared to pay more
Smart solution to methane emissions from coal mining
Securing Timor Leste's water supplies
Cogen technology to power Melbourne urban energy project
Australia's largest 'living atlas' coming to a street near you
Continued restrictions on use of weed-control chemical
Call for input to draft national wildlife corridors plan
Laser optimisation to improve solar-cell conversion efficiency
Invasive plant reduces cane toad threat to blue-tongues


Arguing the case for carbon capture and storage
A new era of empowerment in caring for country?

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