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More or less? Climate change explains ‘the ice conundrum’
Arctic sea ice is disappearing at an unprecedented rate, reaching record lows in September 2012. Yet in Antarctica, the sea ice reached a record high in the same month. Is the expansion of Antarctic sea ice evidence against global warming, as some observers have suggested?
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Can urban farms feed city and soul?
Green walls, rooftop vegetable gardens and balcony growing systems are capturing the imagination of city-dwellers everywhere. But is it time for a reality check on the viability of producing food in urban environments?
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Carbon farming could restore Australia's southern coastal wetlands
Australia’s southern coastal wetlands are more diverse than most people realise. In a recent paper, Paul Boon suggests they provide valuable ecological services that exceed those of inland wetland ecosystems. But these wetlands face enormous pressures from urban development and climate change. Fifty per cent of coastal wetlands have been lost from the east coast of Australia.
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Satellite imagery helps track tree-cover and carbon
Technology developed by CSIRO that makes use of satellite data to provide the most detailed maps yet of changes to Australia's forest and land-cover is enabling more accurate measurements of the carbon emissions prevented through preserving forest or replanting cleared land.
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Community-powered science to keep Aussie icons standing
Rolling fields dotted with sheep and majestic old gum trees form a quintessential part of the Australian landscape. These paddock trees perform a critical, under-appreciated role in improving farm viability and conserving biodiversity. Through the power of social media, a volunteer army of citizen scientists has been helping in the research effort to preserve these icons.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Little choppers to help with landscape-scale science
Algae could fuel multi-billion dollar energy industry for Australia
Coral reef diversity may be too hard for Nature to reinvent
Getting to the root of more resilient crops
Online map of Australia’s clean energy projects
Farmers want water 'banked' for future droughts
Carbon economy can also help save Australia’s species
Environment groups question state’s priorities
No pipe dream: 100 per cent renewable energy could power Australia
King crocs key to keeping status quo
Metal in bird brains may assist navigation
Call for more infrastructure investment in Australian cities

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