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Our options for global CO2 drawdown
If rates of global CO2 emissions continue to climb, ways to rapidly withdraw the gas from the atmosphere may be needed. Do we have them?
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Guardians of the electric reef
In Bali's idyllic north-west corner, a unique community-driven marine conservation project is using electricity to rapidly regrow damaged coral reef and restore local livelihoods.
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Golden nectar gone green
Last year was the year of the 'green' beer. Not the St Patrick's Day green, but the environmentally friendly, quench-your-conscience-while-you-quench-your-thirst kind of green.
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Protection not working for PNG's forests
Papua New Guinea's forests are not as pristine as previously thought and if current rates of destruction continue, by 2020 their area will be reduced by half, according to a recent analysis of 30 years' aerial and satellite imagery of the region.
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Lessons from Cyclone Larry
Nearly three years after Cyclone Larry cut a swathe through the town of Innisfail and the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland, the landscape is recovering. But what lessons have been learnt for future management?
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The dingo's role revitalised
The dingo has had a bad wrap in Australia, but new research on its benefits for native ecosystems may give the dingo something to howl about.
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Video file Download Video (10 MB)    A dingo in its element at Bush Heritage Australia's Carnarvon Station Reserve, central Queensland. Bush Heritage Australia

Tracking bigger wave action
Considering Australia is an island continent with a largely coastal population, little attention has so far been paid to how ocean and wave behaviour influenced by shifting and more intense storm systems under climate change will re-shape our 30 000 kilometre coastline.
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New tactics for the camel plague
Camels have no Dreaming, say Aboriginal people; they don't belong in country. But more than a million camels roam through much of central Australia, and next year there will be 80 000 more as the population doubles by the decade.
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Sustainability assessment: accounting for the triple bottom line
Sustainable development requires a broader approach to policy and new criteria to measure 'progress'. But how do you weigh up the economic value of relevant ecosystem goods and services against their environmental value, or the 'public good', in this broader approach?
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Ten years of serving up sustainability on the streets
The annual Sustainable Living Festival is probably the only place in Australia where you'll find the Reverend Tim Costello rubbing shoulders with sustainable clothing fashionistas, or singer Paul Kelly on the same program as a sustainable gardening seminar.
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Fast forwarding solutions

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

White Paper response: 'timely start, but we could do better'

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'Cash crops' at risk from pollinator decline?

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Unprecedented slowdown in coral growth

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Greywater gets standard treatment

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Freight company on track to slow emissions

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Save water, save energy: message to cities

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Atlas overlays biodiversity and carbon-sink hotspots

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Private sector initiatives boost conservation reserves

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Local seed not the best for revegetation

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Need for 'more honest' environmental accounting

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Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

Software for sharper estimates of carbon sinks

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New satellite for precision mapping of CO2

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Carbon tax not trading, scientist advises Obama

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Getting street smart

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Drinking to success – wine for wetlands

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Celebrating river champions around the world

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Water: commodity or human right?

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Tech insight to Tasmania's roadkill hotspots

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Video file Download Video (25 MB)    A short documentary about Tasmanian roadkill impacts and efforts to reduce it. Imaginocean Productions

Seeing northern rivers through Indigenous eyes

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Events calendar

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