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From the ground up, there is wealth in waste
From repair cafes to research clusters; keeping resources out of landfill is better for the environment and economy.
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Off-grid megashift increasingly likely
A future of mass grid defection by domestic and low-use electricity consumers in Australia may be closer than you think.
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Pest-suppressive landscapes: thinking outside the field
We've all heard of ‘thinking outside the box'. Now farmers managing pests in their crops are being asked to think outside the field.
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Citizen science and mobile technologies evolve together
Mobile tech gives citizen scientists the edge in data collection for small budget, big scope projects
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Hot and bothered: our health under climate change
As citizens living in a developed economy, we have a certain level of control over our health. Most of us have access to medicines, treatments and health services designed to cure our ills, or at least minimise pain. We also have access to information about dietary and lifestyle choices to help ensure we lead healthy, active and productive lives.
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Rise of the jellies
Think of a creature that's top of its food chain, and chances are you'd pick something with big teeth and a large brain. You'd be pretty certain not to choose something that doesn't even have a brain.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Tree grafting a way to bring koala habitat to urban areas
New investment platform for Australian clean energy infrastructure
Australia ranks 10th on international energy efficiency scorecard
Backyard bird baths under scrutiny
Biosecurity skills program aims to build capacity in East Africa and Australia
International panel to provide evidence-based advocacy on sustainable food
Greenhouse allows a change of atmosphere for plant researchers
Latest biodiversity information captured in new CSIRO book
Winds intensify in coastal waters
Rainfall and temperature keys to redlegged earth mite emergence
Research calls for a new diet classification for mammals
Changing Antarctic winds create new sea level threat
Mexican rust fungus set to control spread of exotic weed
Pilbara lessons indicate Great Barrier Reef in danger from ‘perfect storm’
Protected areas failing vulnerable species
From pet to pest: newts settle on the urban fringe
'Can-do' – reverse vending machines offer rewards for recycling
Hydro and wind fuel upward trend in renewable energy
Australia takes part in global UN initiative to cut food waste
Life-saving lesson: goannas taught to spurn the taste of toad

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