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Can we reduce emissions without an emissions trading scheme?
The business sector wants stability and certainty to guide investment, but is an ETS the answer?
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Environmental education in Australian schools
Australia is a world leader in environmental education but recent changes to how it is taught pose some problems say experts.
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In case of emergency: the climate intervention dilemma
Climate intervention technologies are firmly on the mainstream research agenda as potential strategies for a climate emergency.
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Small plantations offer ‘teak break’ for Lao farmers
A pilot program sows the seeds of a sustainable teak plantation industry in Northern Laos.
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Growing more sustainable communities
Much has been achieved over the last two decades to improve the environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure, but it is still early days in our understanding of how we can shape more sustainable communities within the built environment.
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Nature restoration in Japan
Recent progress in nature restoration in Japan by Jiro Kikkawa.
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The Noosa biosphere
In 2007, the Noosa region on Queensland's Sunshine Coast was designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve. What is the biosphere concept and why does Noosa fit the bill?
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Reasons to hope

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

'Hundreds' of Kimberley plant species await discovery
Smallest kangaroo species discovered
Firing up biodiversity in the wheatbelt
Building a carbon-responsive workforce
Maximising benefits from environmental water allocations
Weeding out the positive from climate change
Wastewater to rejuvenate aquatic reserve in Perth
Problems measuring Australian deforestation emissions sends warning signal to the world

Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

Scientists call for an end to 'political assaults'
Limits to humans’ heat tolerance
Salinity changes show wetter wet regions, drier arid ones


Business calls for rethink on climate change policy


Practical wisdom for restoring the land
Book born from a light-bulb moment


Bioacoustics: tuning in to nature
Digging up the facts on soil carbon
Planning vs reacting to the risk of future climate change


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