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Fire and climate change: fire risk needs to be managed
Recent fires in New South Wales highlight our current vulnerability, remind us about potential future risks and prompt us to think more strategically about risk management. But what do we mean by fire risk and how can we better deal with it in the future?
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A walk through the parks of the future
Author Amalie Wright talks to ECOS about her book Future Park: Imagining Tomorrow’s Urban Parks – a journey through unconventional park spaces in cemeteries and sewage treatment plants, on disused railway lines, among the ruins of industrialised zones, and in abandoned urban spaces.
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Should we move species threatened by climate change?
Climate change is one of the greatest threats the world’s animals and plants are facing. In fact the world is facing an extinction crisis, which should concern all of us. The major problem with climate change is not so much that climate is changing, but that it is changing faster than species can move or adapt.
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Secrets of the Dig Tree
Aaron Paterson's family tree would make for a captivating episode of Who Do You Think You Are. According to the family's oral history, Aaron's great-great-great-great grandfather was Irishman, John King – the only survivor from Burke and Wills' fateful expedition to the Gulf of Carpentaria in 1860-61. Aaron's great-great-great-great grandmother, Turinyi, was a girl from the local Yandruwandha tribe.
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The multi-million dollar question: Is forest certification working?
Globally, deforestation and illegal logging take a significant toll on the environment, promoting loss of biodiversity and harmful carbon emissions at alarming rates. Forest certification is considered a promising tool to improve forest management, but it needs robust evaluation to establish its true value for various stakeholders, according to a new analysis.
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IPCC Fifth Assessment Report: CSIRO experts comment
Every six years, some of the world's top scientific thinkers comprehensively assess what is known about climate change. The end result is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. Several CSIRO scientists are among the lead authors.
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Buried treasure: finding safer ways to tap into oil and gas from our oceans
If anything good is to come from the devastation caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and Australia's Montara oil and gas leak the year before, it is that we learn from our mistakes.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Coral polyps found to create cloud-forming chemicals
Lionfish’s success due to ‘cloak of invisibility’
Keeping our groundwater ‘bank account’ in the black
Recycled water straight into the drink?
Smarter herbicide application cuts toxic runoff to Reef
Dogs used to sniff out Arnhem Land’s feral cats
Water works spread environmental flows further
Sea cucumbers may be key to Reef health
Protected wheatbelt reserve proves valuable refuge for native species
Southern Surveyor clears the deck for Investigator
Shelter as important as food for sweltering koalas
Australia and India collaborate on cleaner fuel production
Windy weather: a sign of dusty days ahead?
Birds making news
Point-of-use electric may outperform gas hot water systems
Early action could save seagrass meadows

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