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Make your next holiday a sustainable one
It's holiday time for most Australians, many of whom are heading off overseas, or thinking about where to take their next holiday. Our choice of destination, accommodation and activities can make a real difference to local communities, cultures and environments. Dr Rosemary Black outlines things to look for while you are away and when planning your next trip.
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Peak phosphorus and what we can do about it
Phosphorus equals life, but supplies of the world's main source are fast-depleting. 2012 Environmental Research Eureka Prize winner, Dana Cordell, explains where the waste is occurring and what we can do to prevent phosphorus sources from running out.
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Book tells all about iconic Australian family and its relatives
An engaging and accessible new book by one of Australia's foremost kangaroo experts is not afraid to tackle the controversies associated with control of kangaroo numbers.
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Wenju Cai: revealing oceans' role in climate change
Wenju Cai – known as Cai (pronounced ‘Chai') – grew up in a small coastal village in the southern China province of Fujian. Cai talks to ECOS about moving to Australia, his CSIRO research into climate science, and why the ocean is so important.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Treetop science to refine global biodiversity mapping
Chef, marine biologist cook up a guide to sustainable seafood
Marine-life mapping project taps into citizen science power
Scientists focus on WA’s Miami connection
Invasion threatens wave of extinction in Tasmania
First tropical tidal research centre to be based in Darwin
Antibacterial treatments from eucalyptus gum?
Breaking the solar thermal price barrier
Breaks in the surf zone point to future shores
Old trees in big trouble
Doha clears tentative path to 2015 global agreement
Indigenous fire management ignites global interest
Fish ear bones point to climate impacts
Technology to help weather bushfires, floods and more
Humanity urged to make best use of 'borrowed time'
3-D printing opens access to soil science equipment
Emissions put us on track to overshoot two degrees of warming
World's rivers running on empty: Australian study

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