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The dunes of Cooloola
Tourists stepping out of their buses to admire the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach, 175 km north of Brisbane, probably do not realize that they are looking at the edge of one of the most scientifically interesting — and thoroughly studied — dune systems in the world.
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Sydney’s brown haze
Sydney-siders find it hard to remember when they saw their city's first full-blown case of brown haze. It's something that, like old age, just crept up on them.
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The unique gardens of Jabiru
Jabiru is the Northern Territory township being established in the Kakadu National Park for miners working the uranium deposits in the region.
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Fire damages top-end forests
For 6 years Mr Jamie Hoare of the CSIRO Division of Forest Research has studied the effects of fire on the tall open forest and woodland of the Kakadu National Park. He and his colleagues have found that high-intensity wildfires, resulting from European habitation, have significantly damaged these plant communities.
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DNA tells of species links by repeating itself
Which modern research tool has caused zoologists to rethink their classification of wallabies, is helping farmers find out which wheat-rye hybrids come under the jurisdiction of the Wheat Board, and has resolved the mystery surrounding the origins of an Australian all-female grasshopper?
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Australia’s underwater light climate
Australia's native flora and fauna have taken some hard knocks over the last couple of hundred years, but some species flourish in congenial conditions created by European man. The lucky winners include aquatic plants.
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Where our eucalypts are
Dominated as they are by eucalypts, our forests appear somewhat uniform.
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Watch out, Canberra!
Termites in the Canberra Region' is the name of a booklet recently issued by CSIRO. Its authors, Dr Tony Watson and Mr Robert Barrett, belong to the Division of Entomology.
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Interview with Oceanography Chief
Dr Angus McEwan is the Chief of CSlRO's new Division of Oceanography. In his previous work at the Division of Atmospheric Physics, Dr McEwan earned an international reputation for his highly original laboratory experiments in fluid dynamics — a field that relates to both meteorology and oceanography.
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Bunyip conserves energy
Mr Mike Wooldridge of the CSIRO Division of Energy Technology has devised a computer program called BUNYIP (Building Energy Investigation Package) that will allow engineers and architects to calculate the expected energy consumption of any given building while it is still in the planning stage.
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