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Quiet on board please: science underway
The first massive pieces of the hull of Australia's new scientific research ship, RV Investigator, were winched into place last month in a Singapore shipyard. CSIRO's Dr Brian Griffiths and ECOS writer Michele Sabto give readers a preview of the impressive technology mounted in and on the hull.
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Science arms islands for a changing climate
The projected effects of climate change may seem abstract to those of us living in Australia, where changes like sea-level rise will take time to manifest. But for those living on small Pacific island nations, the impacts of climate change are predicted to be more serious and happen sooner. In some cases, they have already started.
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Energy efficiency matters: an interview with Alan Pears
Alan Pears is a pioneer of energy-efficiency policy in Australia, having worked in the area since the late 1970s.
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'Printed power' to light the world's darkness?
In too many parts of the world, grid-connected electricity remains an unattainable luxury. However, the rise in living standards in some developing countries has brought with it access to decentralised power generation – mainly solar power. The latest solar cell technology, flexible solar cells based on thin plastics, heralds a new generation of ultra-low-cost lighting for poor communities in remote areas.
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Savanna bird abundance deceives
Flocks of brilliant emerald budgerigars are an iconic image of the Australian outback, signifying seasonal renewal. But, are large numbers of nomadic parrots really a sign of landscape health and good management?
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Beetles find beer bottles irresistible
Oz algal company signs US$100M Chinese deal
Orangutans graduate from school into the wild
Call to focus on smallholders at Rio+20
Underground mozzie postpones its blood feast
CSIRO team wins international award for WLAN technology
Algal bloom under arctic sea ice linked to climate change
Darwin Harbour bush tucker gets a health check
Australia 'needs national groundwater strategy'
Dairy farming opportunity to turn manure into income
Clouds clear for solar power
Marine reserves provide baby bonus to fisheries
Tamar River silt – dredging not the answer
Yellowfin tuna with a heart of gold
Call for trade restrictions to contain frog-killing fungus
Australia's tiniest bird benefits from revegetation of farmland
NBN pilot rollout – that’s bins, not broadband!
IEA praises Australian industry energy-saving program
Carbon dioxide levels reach milestone at Arctic sites
Concern over SE Asian agrofuel developments
Australia's first timber high rise building
Australian renewables investors unprepared for global growth
Mobile recycling engages students in environmental issues
Lessons to be learnt from loss of the pipistrelle

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