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Protecting biodiversity in an uncertain climate
In 2009, a group of eight leading scientists warned in a report to the Australian Government that climate change presents a threat to our biodiversity 'equivalent to those of the abrupt geological events that triggered the great waves of extinction in the past'. This special Focus highlights extracts from the report, now published as a book.
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Global hotspot under stress
While the south-west corner of Western Australia is recognised as a global biodiversity hotspot, its unique ecosystems have suffered land clearing, introduced pests and weeds, a changed fire regime, loss of water and salinisation.
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Sound and rice power to cut black carbon
The mating of two brilliant ideas, a low-tech one from the Philippines and a hi-tech one from the US, offers a new route to help cool the planet – fast.
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Making the shift: from consumerism to sustainability
The inconclusive outcome of the UN climate conference in Copenhagen highlighted one of the dilemmas of sustainable development – humans will often fail to change their behaviour in the face of scientific evidence about its damaging impacts.
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Power to the people
A new report from CSIRO shows that by adopting low-emission distributed energy, Australia could reduce its greenhouse emissions, save water, and save $130 billion as it moves to a low-carbon economy by 2050.
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Nanosafety and the environment
With scientists now able to engineer innovative materials at this incredibly small atomic scale, some potential environmental and health risks are emerging that will require further research.
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Biomimicry to help capture water from air?
A team of engineering and chemical researchers from the University of Sydney has been investigating a new technology for capturing water from moist air, inspired by the clever use of surface structuring on the back of a beetle native to the Namib Desert.
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Living atlas … coming to a screen near you
Universities, museums, CSIRO and government agencies are working together on a visionary program to link all existing data on Australia's life-forms into an online 'encyclopaedia of life' with single portal access.
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Systems thinking and the 'factor five' payoff
Government efforts to help our economy through the global financial crisis could be eroded by the future economic impacts of global warming. The good news is that a 'factor five' approach to productivity will not only help cut greenhouse gas emissions but, done effectively, bring economic benefits.
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Editorial: Learning to share and save our one and only planet

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Review suggests improvements to key environment act
Hot water power to cool a city?
Software controlling energy efficiency and comfort
Energy body calls for cooperation
'Sharks' a highlight of prince's visit
Outcrops 'oases' in a changing climate
Indonesia embraces Landcare
Much-needed extra water for the Murray River's Lower Lakes
Coastal 'bioshields' no defence against tsunamis
Software could save 800 billion litres a year
Let rubber hit the roads, says automotive industry

Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

Warmest decade on record: Bureau's 2009 review


Campaign to trim Australia's CO2 footprint by a million tonnes


Assessing how well we've cared for country
Lessons from living on the edge


Renewable energy to power fridges in rural India
Ozone layer, wind shift may create 'moment of grace'
Traffic noise wiping out Melbourne's frogs?
Theory meets reality in Northern Prawn Fishery
Location key to marine science hub's value


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