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Supporting best practice in soil carbon
To strengthen the science around the measurement of soil carbon – and help better inform farmers of the emissions abatement options available to them – the Australian Government is significantly expanding Carbon Farming Futures as part of the Clean Energy Future plan.
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‘The power of how' – moving sustainability policy into practice
In 2010, the UN Global Compact sought the views of several hundred CEOs on issues of sustainability. Ninety-three per cent reported that addressing sustainability issues is critical to their future business success, and virtually all felt that sustainability should be fully integrated into business strategies and operations. Yet, most acknowledged there was a significant gap between their stated sustainability intentions and actual performance.
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Bringing home the future energy vision
A research view out to 2050 has the partnerships of the Energy Transformed Flagship delivering targeted innovations that evolve us towards greener and smarter living.
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Carbon credits to help conserve Top End’s diversity
Now that the Australian government's plan to price carbon is closer to reality, income from carbon credits offers real potential to change land management and conservation planning priorities. But how can authorities prioritise locations suitable for both biodiversity conservation and carbon storage? And what will be the influence of using income from carbon trading to offset the cost of more sustainable land management?
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Preventing a marine invasion in the sub-Antarctic
As the climate warms and visitor numbers to the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic increase, so does the threat of an invasion by marine species carried to the region on resupply vessels and tourist ships.
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‘Top down' approach to biodiversity under climate change
In a recent ECOS article, Tim Low highlighted the importance of making robust predictions of climate change impacts on biodiversity.
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Australian engineering students ‘make it so’ in Cambodia
Australian engineering students are about to make a huge difference to the quality of life of more than one million Cambodians living in villages on and around Tonle Sap, south-east Asia's largest freshwater lake and river system.
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Rate of global plant carbon uptake and release revised
A new insight into global photosynthesis – the chemical process governing how ocean and land plants absorb and release carbon dioxide (CO2) – will assist scientists to more accurately assess future climate change.
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Catalyst for reef-friendly farming practices
Pollution from farming has contributed to the degradation of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef ecosystem, reducing its resilience to climate change and other pressures over the long term. Now, a groundswell of support for farming innovations – including a pioneering partnership between a natural resources management
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Green building ratings framework drives more sustainable communities
The Green Building Council of Australia's (GBCA) Green Star – Communities project will recalibrate and measure the concept of a sustainable community. The project aims to drive the collaborative planning and development of our communities on broad viability principles.
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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Phosphorus fertiliser research aims for multiple benefits
CSIRO spinoff makes Global Cleantech top 100 list
Link between fair trade crops and reef health
Will Shark Bay's seagrass meadows survive big floods?
Freshwater project fuses Indigenous and Western knowledge
Australia to push ahead with first national food plan
Virtual university for energy-efficient electrical practice
Call for stronger response from leaders on climate change
Southern bluefin tuna ‘breakthrough'
Low-energy aircon wins national cleantech competition
Passage of carbon pricing legislation moves Australia forward
Reduced methane benefit of native shrub diet for sheep
Australian Alps in urgent need of protection
Australia’s leadership chance on marine protection areas
Male koala calls reveal size to potential mates
Victorian water utility caps nutrients in effluent discharge
Pollen up close – and a microscope called Anthony
Tyre chewer leaves useful crumbs
Reef fish collapse threshold identified
10-year bird status update reports major declines but some hope
Geothermal desalination under investigation
Groundwater management vital for Ord Irrigation species

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