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Citizen science breaks new ground
Thanks to technology and a growing number of community-based volunteer monitoring groups, enriched environmental data is being collected on a scale that was inconceivable 15 years ago.
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Securing South Australia's coastal bounty
An incredible diversity of marine species was recently recorded in the Chain of Bays, about 700 kilometres west of Adelaide, during an inaugural near-shore marine survey of the region by volunteer divers.
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Towards a systems-based approach to planning infrastructure
Integrating the need for major infrastructure development with an ongoing commitment to communities and the environment is the driving force behind a new approach for sustainable development in major projects in Australia.
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Waste feathers show fibre promise
Scientists at CSIRO Materials and Science Engineering's laboratory at Belmont, Victoria, believe that feather keratin can be 'regenerated' into an environmentally sustainable, biodegradable fibre.
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Sustainable commitments insulate financial leaders
Banks and super funds have been battered by the gale of the global financial crisis but not everyone is suffering.
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Negotiating the national e-waste mountain
A voracious national appetite for electronic goods is creating a waste problem we can no longer responsibly ignore.
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Cheers to an historic polar research collaboration
Australian Antarctic scientists joined with polar researchers around the world on 25 February 2009 to officially celebrate two years of intensive, internationally coordinated scientific research for the International Polar Year (IPY).
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A climate for true triple bottom line reporting
The scientific imperative for action to tackle climate change is now reflected in the emerging responses of leading edge businesses as they find value in innovating to address the challenge.
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Clarifying our priorities

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Action on climate change and science funding
Treaty's 50th year resolve: stem Antarctic tourist tide
Proposal to set a new course for the Murray
Key to improving cocky treatment and rehab
'Green dream' home raises the bar from 6 to 9
Global wind power surges in 2008
World's biggest fish benefiting at Ningaloo
'Sponge' from starfish biomimetic key to no-carb biofuel?
More tyres on the road to recycling
Maintaining fruit and vegetable crops in the greenhouse

Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

Where to next for regional climate change science?


Factor 5 in eco-cement: Zeobond Pty Ltd


An authoritative update
Measuring the cost of our consumption


Clarifying polar ice and climate trends
Aerial surveys hot on the minke trail
Conservation auctions assist private biodiversity conservation
Invasive alien species threaten global biodiversity


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