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Taking the pulse of Australia's oceans
The rapid advance of remote sensing technology is now allowing the collection of continuous ocean data on an unprecedented scale. The national Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) program uses a wealth of distributed marine devices, services and expertise, within a world class marine monitoring framework designed to detect changes in ecosystems and deliver data through one system to many potential users. James Porteous spent time on a rolling sea with participating scientists.
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Reading climate signatures in the Southern Ocean
The polar regions are sensitive barometers of environmental change – what we see at both the poles foreshadows what we can expect elsewhere on the globe in a changing climate, and right now they are experiencing some of the most rapid rates of environmental change in the world. Jess Tyler explains how pooling resources in an ambitious polar oceans program, called CASO, will be a watershed in our understanding of the relationship between ocean, atmosphere, ice and climate.
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A view to our emissions trading scheme
Whether it is the centrepiece of Australia's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as the government claims, or just one of a raft of measures as others argue it should be, Australia's emissions trading scheme (ETS) is taking shape. Robin Taylor provides perspective on what and who is involved.
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The living culture whose time has come
While permaculture has had a low profile in the West, it has been the key to self-sufficiency for many people in the developing world. Given that climate change and sustainable development are dominating world headlines, the concept is finally beginning to get mainstream recognition in Australia – the home of permaculture. Rachel Sullivan spoke to co-originator David Holmgren.
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Rebuilding Vietnam's war-torn forests
Vietnam was once a land of dense forest. But nearly two-thirds of its tree cover was destroyed by war, overharvesting and clearing for agriculture. Today, trees are on the way back with the Vietnamese Government committed to planting five million hectares of trees on denuded land. Australian species and forestry expertise have played an important role.
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The pursuit of happiness: sustaining human well-being
CSIRO's Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds and Anthea Coggan argue that insights from research into happiness and well-being are important to achieving sustainable development in its broadest sense.
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Climate code red: The case for emergency action
War time style rationing is one of the solutions proposed for slashing our carbon emissions, in a new book calling for the most radical transformation of the economy and society since the Industrial Revolution. We've only got 10 years to do it – but it's possible.
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New management for Brisbane's natural assets
As increasing numbers of people move to the region, Brisbane City Council is assessing the feasibility of using asset-based management processes, traditionally used for managing infrastructure such as bridges and roads, to help define and manage natural assets such as wetlands, parks and water quality. It's an approach that puts the value of ecosystem services on the same level as other key infrastructure.
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Guiding Australia's natural resources reporting
The National Land & Water Resources Audit and its partners have made significant recent progress in building the basis of an enduring information system to report on the status of Australia's natural resources and changes to the environment. The program's future, however, is undecided.
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Returns on investment

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In Brief - Round-up of sustainability news

Science input 'a must' for climate-policy decisions

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Cane toads meet their nemesis?

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Australia in on billion-dollar Asia-Pacific illegal timber trade

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Cures to help protect wildlife

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Species recovers in no-take zones

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Australia leads world in sustainable bluefin tuna aquaculture

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Land and sea – lower emissions options than air?

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Cape York wilderness area under indigenous management

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Flat screens a global warming risk?

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Brown to fight on to protect Wielangta forest

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Crystals that make solar power and purify air

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Zero tillage boosts harvests in war-torn Iraq

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Climate Change Bulletin - Our brief on global warming

Focus on climate adaptation to complement mitigation research

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Deep ice cores show greenhouse gases are highest for 800 000 years

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New centre for climate policy targets flight emissions and feedbacks

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Review: The warming issue: a book in time

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Review: Visions of future cities

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Scientists hold onto hope for the Coorong

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Mapping climate impacts on our coastal cities

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Farmers bid for funding to protect Murray catchment biodiversity

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Events calendar

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