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Published: 2010

Power shopping

General waste and recyclables from a Sydney shopping centre will soon be generating enough renewable energy to power 50 homes annually.

The Woodlawn Bioreactor, located in a disused open-cut mine.
Credit: Veolia Environmental Services

Waste management company, Veolia Environmental Services, expects to recover 60–65 per cent of the waste produced at Sydney’s newest shopping centre, Top Ryde City, which opened in November. Using its Woodlawn Bioreactor facility, Veolia will use the gas produced by the waste’s breakdown to create renewable energy.

Some 1440 tonnes of general waste expected to be produced by the shopping centre each year will be able to produce 411 840 kWh of electricity annually – enough to power 50 households each using 8000 kWh of electricity per year.

Veolia estimates that converting the waste to electricity, rather than sending it to landfill, will equate to an annual saving of 1728 tonnes of greenhouse gas – equivalent to taking 430 cars off the road for a year or planting 6000 trees.

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